Adele Morse

Adele Morse is a welsh artist living in London. She has a MFA from the Royal Academy Schools. Do not mistake her work for that of an amateur because she is in fact a skilled taxidermist with 10+ years of experience under her belt.


Morse is ironically a vegetarian. How can she stuff dead animals and still call herself a vegetarian? Well, all the animals she uses are ‘ethically sourced’ meaning they come from places like pest control, pet shops and roadkill. Her animals are usually damaged and require a lot of time and innovation to reconstruct them. Taxidermists would normally throw out such carcasses because it is far easier to work with whole specimens that haven’t been run over by cars multiple times.


Ms.Morse tries to respect the animal by bringing out their ‘Personalities’ in her work. When she begins stuffing an animal she doesn’t go into it with a plan. The inspiration is drawn from the animal as she works with it.

A goal of Morse’s is to use the animal so they are not just a material but rather a subject as well. She also thinks that she is giving the animals some sort of afterlife and believes they are better off in the homes of people who love them than in the trash.


Personally I think her work is interesting, funny and a tad morbid. However, I strongly disagree with her logic in that these animals are ‘better off’ stuffed. In fact, I find it somewhat offensive for her to try to morally justify her work. In my opinion she would have been ‘better off’ just displaying her work for what it is and not try to sugar coat it to the extent that she did. Taxidermy by nature is disrespectful because it is a crude reanimation of a living thing and no amount of flawed reasoning is going to change that dark reality.



For the record I have nothing against her work. Just her god complex.



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De Anatsui

De Anatsui is an African artist who makes large sculptures made from metal lids, containers and other found materials. Anatsui then takes these metallic materials and forms them into a large quilt like structure that covers the wall or even the entire room it is displayed in. His installations are made up of beer lids and liquor bottle caps commonly found in his country and his color palate of reds and yellows also make up the overall color scheme of his surroundings.

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?s for critique

+ composition
+ color
+ medium
+ texture
+ subject
+ scale

+ Did the work follow the assignment?
+ craftsmanship
+ influences
+ technique

+ intention
+ purpose/meaning
+ mood

+ pros/cons of a piece
+ seeking further understanding

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Jakub Rozalski


Jakub Rozalski is a Polish concept artist and illustrator working to combine classical painting techniques with futuristic fictional concepts. Through his work he has done many illustrations for books and most recently illustrated all the artwork for the new board game Scythe. His work creates and fantastical atmosphere that combines two different worlds together in a way that is odd yet seamless.

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Alex Stoddard

Alex Stoddard is a 22 year old photographer in California who specializes in conceptual/surreal and figurative photography. He works almost exclusively in the digital medium, and has done work for companies and magazines, including: Universal Republic Records, Toyota, Photo Magazine France, and the Huffington Post. Of his most famous works are his self-portraits:







I really enjoy his work because of surreal nature, and he is one of a few artists that inspired me early on, not only due to his quality of work but how much he achieved at such a young age. Though I do not admire him as much anymore, his work sparked my interest in self-portraiture and the inclusion of surreal aspects in photography, which at the time I looked down upon because of how literally it displayed the world (I LIKE THINGS WEIRD MAN). Hence, I learned that I could do weird things in real life to alter my photos as Alex does (though I shy away from that now because me likey Photoshop layers lots). Also, his interactions and use of environments and use of objects in them has fed my interest in on-site installations that can be used as part of photography shoots:

Hope y’all enjoyed!

Ex animo,

~Gilbert Travers :)~

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Justin Bowers


Justin Bower is a 40 year old artist born in San Francisco. He attended the University of Arizona where he earned a degree in Art and Philosophy and then he proceeded to get his MFA from Claremont Graduate University. Bowers draws his subjects distorted and fractured in order to help get his concepts through to people. His paintings are supposed to represent how we define ourselves in this digital age and the damaging effect technology has on the people of society.

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